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The inventor of the water bed is reprising and updating it for a Casper world.
In a letter, the Netherlands foreign minister said that Russia had rebuffed talks about a possible settlement for the victims of a civilian plane shot down over Ukraine.
The millionaire UKIP donor and self-titled 'Bad Boy of Brexit' has hit a stumbling block on his project in the West Country amid complaints from residents and the local council.
In Smashed, Gandini Juggling seems to invent a new genre using elements of the dance theater of Pina Bausch and others.
The oversupply of natural gas brought by hydraulic fracturing is driving out dirty coal, but it is also threatening zero-emissions nuclear power. U.S. stocks fell on fears about global economic slowdown after weak data from China and Europe, with Johnson Johnson plunging following Reuters story that said JJ knew about asbestos in Baby Powder for decades. Roselle Chen reports.
Official figures show almost 66 million painkillers were dispensed in 2017, up from 51.5 million in 2007. Here, Dr Michael Dixon champions non-drug alternatives. Researchers from Sussex University said women drop the pitch of their voice if they want to express 'sexual interest and intimacy' with a potential partner. President Trump announced that American troops in Syria are coming home. Heres what they were fighting.
The emphatic victory moved the Fighting Irish closer to an undefeated regular season and bolstered their chances to be part of the championship playoff.
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